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Contains 3x Soap Donuts in Gift Box Welcome to The Quirky Soaper, creators of officially the most incredible soap designs in the world! THE DESIGNS – Every soap masterpiece is handmade. – They are the most detailed soap designs ever produced. Made to look stunningly realistic and designed to catch the eye and amaze people who see them. QUALITY – The soap is made from a coconut oil base. Coconut oil is an expensive product used for extremely high-end, luxury and eco-friendly soaps. It gives a very smooth, indulgent and velvety feel and a luxurious experience. SCENTS – The soaps are scented with a range of modern fragrances. ECO-FRIENDLY – The gift boxes are eco-friendly. The cardboard is recyclable and even the clear film window is made of a new material that is compostable and bio-degradable. – There is no palm oil in the soap. We use a coconut oil base to be kinder to the planet. – All of the soap does not contain animal products (vegan).